Zoliboy’s New Assistant!

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Show Description

The creator gave the following info about this video: “The master of kinky plays, Zoliboy is looking for a new assistant! If you like hot girls and his unique shooting style that brings you the weirdest sex acts, you’re at the right place!”

As ZoliBoy’s new porn assistant, this is your opportunity to get your foot in the door of the adult industry, and maybe even fuck some of the talent. After a quick day of training as an intern, just watching the interactive strip tease and seeing porn sluts fist each other, Zoliboy decides you’re ready to be tested in one of the shoots. This comes as quite a surprise, as he made it seem like it was difficult to work at his level, but this must mean that you ARE the perfect candidate to fuck virtual pornstars. You go upstairs to have some fun with one of the models in the bath tub upstairs, and she’s down to fuck around the instant you come through the door. She lets you feel her massive tits, then fingers her clit while pissing all over your hand. Damn, this bitch is even into watersports – she’s fuckin’ crazy! Next, you finger her pussy, then she rides your hand cowgirl like it was your cock. This slutty brunette is on another level, and you now know what kind of person it takes to have sex on camera for cash. The next day, you and Zoliboy have your first shoot together. You get to play around with this super cute teen coed. She lets you play with her wet pussy. You tease and spread her pussy lips, while massage the inside of her snatch. Next, you bring out a humongous veiny dildo, and proceed to insert into her tiny twat. It’s just too big, and you can see her squirm in pain as it tears at her pussy. Next, Zoliboy instructs you to pull out the medical instruments, and you spread apart her vagina with a metal fetish tool. Next, it’s time to bust out the wand vibrator. You masturbate her clit and pussy lips until she starts to squirt all over the sofa and carpet. An insane amount of cum gushes from her glistening snatch, and she immediately calls off the shoot and can’t take any more. Finally, it’s time for some private one on one with a stunning blonde slut. Choke her as she deepthroats your cock, then fuck her from behind, cowgirl, missionary, standing, or any other way you want. Damn, the porn industry is a lot more fast paced than you thought it would be!