Winner Takes Them All

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Show Description

The author said the following about this video, “Attend a girl-on-girl cat fight session! Place your bid on the winning contestant and watch as she takes all. She might be the champion, but this time it’s you who decides about the ending of the match”

Attend one of the best underground sporting events of the modern age – girl on girl cat fighting. There are gyms where you can watch girls fight each other, and place bets to earn some extra cash. The best part about the whole thing, the girls oftentimes get really horny during the fights and strip down while wrestling, or fuck one of the guys after ward right there in the ring! In this video specifically, Ashley wins the fight, which means you just won a shit ton of money. After the defeat, you head into the ring and offer her a massage for the victory. She happily obliges, and what starts as an innocent shoulder/back rub turns into a whole lot more pretty quickly. You have her lay down on the boxing ring, strip completely nude, and then proceed to finger and masturbate her juicy pussy. One of the other patrons who was at the fight spots you after everyone leaves, and decides to stay to get in on the action too. Ashley is a boxer, and loves it rough, so you start to switch between fingering her asshole and snatch while the other guy approaches. Once both in the ring, Ashley whips out both of your cocks and starts taking turns sucking them right then and there. Now it’s time to really get hardcore and extreme. You bend that athletic slut over so her face is smashed against the floor, then proceed to roughly fuck her asshole doggy style. After the hardcore anal pounding, she sits on top of your dick reverse cowgirl and starts riding your cock while giving the other dude a blowjob. Ashley is a world champion, and deepthroats that cock while taking the other dick up her ass like a real heavyweight contender. You can’t weight to creampie up her ass so it slowly drips out of her butthole. This time around though, Ashley doesn’t want you to cum inside her. She’d rather jerk and suck you both off until you both give her a massive facial. She looks absolutely amazing all covered in sticky warm cum, and you can’t wait until next week’s fight to give her the dick again!