Wet and Messy

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Show Description

This choose your own adventure porn was described as, “Kathia and Nikky, the dominant bitches humiliate the poor maid by messing up her clothes, making her clean the floor with her tongue and pushing her head under water…”

You’ve never seen lesbian femdom interactive sex movies like these before. That’s because no where else let’s you direct the sex that occurs on camera! In this game, follow around the lovely dominant Kathia and Nikky as they fool around in the backyard, only to start humiliating and disgracing the maid as well! The two lesbian sluts are making out and playing with each others’ tits by the pool, when they call over the maid, Salome, to get them some drinks. Upon tasting the beverages, the two bitches throw their drinks back in the maids face in disgust. They then really start fucking with her – throwing the tray and dishes all over the ground and then demanding she clean it all up immediately. Staring back in shock and disbelief, the maid isn’t really quite sure what she should do at this point, so she continues to just stand still and listen to their insults. This really pisses off Kathia, and she hurredly stands up and pulls the maid down to the ground by her hair to force her to clean up the mess. Since the two kinky lesbians were about to eat each other out anyway, they decide they’ll just include the maid in their fuck session too. They first start smacking her around with some newspaper, for her disobedience. Nikky Thorne then rubs her feet all over the mess and makes the maid lick it all clean with her tongue. She also rubs the food and drink all over her face to really humiliate the poor servant. After stripping off her clothes, the continue to mock her and make fun of her while teasing her pussy through her panties. Nikky then pulls out a popsicle and the two dominatrixes fuck the maid’s pussy with it, and then even force her to lick all the pussy juice off afterwards! The maid is fed up with all of this, and really wants to leave. She asks the two lesbians if she can go take a shower, but they just laugh in her face. They’ll give her a shower alright… they take the bottle of champagne, shake it up, then spray it all over her. Nikky then proceeds to hold the maid down on the ground while Kathia squats down and pisses all over her face. Drenched in both champagne and urine, now the two dominating bitches are ready to clean the maid off. They take her over to the pool, hold her head under the water, and finger her pussy at the same time. They then toss her in the pool, and have some underwater fun, licking and fingering her snatch some more.