Wake Up With Blue Angel

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Show Description

The original creator said the following, “Have you ever dreamed of dating your favorite porn babe? What would the two of you do? A steamy car wash, a nude shooting or fuck her into her face? Now you decide – Test your ‘womanizer skills’ now!”

How different would your life be if you were dating a porn star like Blue Angel? What if you had a different job, or grew up in a different family? Interactive porn movies offer an escape from the ordinary, mundane life you may live, to fulfill your most sexual fantasies and dreams. After a night of passionate sex with your girl, she asks what the two of you plan to do today. You decide to head out to get your car washed. Once inside the car angel, Blue strips nude and masturbates her tight pink pussy in the passengers seat while the car gets soaped up. It gets you super horny – It’s fucking Blue Angel after all. Her perky little tits, toned athletic body, and perfect ass and pussy are just unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. Fingering herself makes Blue incredibly horny, and she latches onto your cock and stacks giving you head right there in the car wash. After that, head over to her photo shoot, where Blue models in sexy black lingerie for a magazine and video spread. It’s been an incredibly long day, and all you really want to do at this point if go back to your place in the city and wind down with your girlfriend. Once back at the house, and after a much needed dinner, Blue Angel gets completely naked by the bed and strips off your clothes. She then starts jerking off your already hard cock. You know you’re about to score, and can’t wait to nut all over ehr beautiful face. You first fuck her reverse cowgirl because you love looking at that gaped asshole as she rides up and down your pole. Next, you switch over to missionary where you pound her tight twat and rub her clit until she’s moaning furiously and orgasming out of control. After only like 10 minutes of straight hard fucking, you can’t even hold your load anymore. You pull out and Blue jerks you off onto her luscious lips and tongue. Your girl is truly amazing, and as soon as you can get another hard on, you’re going to fuck the shit out of her until you pass out from exhaustion. Enjoy more videos from this interactive porn site by clicking on a thumbnail below. To play the full version of “Waking Up With Blue Angel”, click on the green play button above.