Virtual Sex Explorer Version 2.0

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Show Description

The long awaited firmware update version 2.0 has finally been released for Virtual Sex Explorer. In the previous version of fuck around the world, you had your chance at fucking a gaggle of different whores from around the globe. Well, you’re in for a special treat because the developers just updated the game with 4 all NEW beautiful women to fuck. To get started, simply select the region or country you’d like to visit, then take a virtual vacation to meet one of the hot, horny girls from that country. A sweet, innocent slut is ready and waiting at your desired location, and will welcome you to her home country with a sensual blowjob followed by kinky hardcore sex. Don’t worry, these women won’t give up until you’re 100% satisfied. So sit back, relax, and let the Virtual Sex Explorer v2.0 turn your wildest sex fantasies into an unbelievable reality!