Truth or Dare

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Show Description

The creator of this show described this hot video as, “How about a naughty little game before playing the night away? If you have the guts, do play the ‘Truth or dare’ with your perky pornstar friends ? and prepare for sex overload!”

Are you man enough to play truth or dare with a few gorgeous porn stars? Do you even know what you’re getting into? Right off the bat. the game starts off with a dare to make out with each other, and these two horny starlets start kissing and tonguing each other as erotically as possible. They say not to bring work home with you, but these girls can any day. Next, the bottle lands on the hot blonde. She goes with truth, and is asked to describe her best sex experience. Sandy goes on to describe an incredible experience with Tori Black (one of the hottest pornstars in the adult industry!). They’re in the jacuzzi and decide to eat each other out. Then Tori pulls out a huge strap on and let’s Sandy fuck her like a hung man. Because women just subconsciously know how to get each other off, Tori pulled all the right strings to lead to the most intense orgasm Sandy’s ever had. Next, it’s your turn to play. Being the kind of modest man that you are, you go with truth also, and are asked to describe your first foot fetish sex experience. You shyly go on to tell the story about this rendevouz with a smoking hot blonde babe. She let you spank her ass hard, then rub her feet, then she gave you amazing deepthroat head. After the foreplay, you fucked the shit out of her tight pussy until cumming all over her feet. All the girls start to giggle over your goofy, glassy-eyed stare as you recall that night, but it’s time to get revenge! It’s your turn, and it’s time to turn this interactive porno into a hardcore sex scene. The bottle lands on the dark haired slut next to you, and you dare them to show you their pussies. Already tipsy, the drunk virtual porn stars immediately strip in front of you. Brandy’s pierced tits look fucking great – so round and juicy. Finally, the MFFF foursome starts. You first get the best blowjob sandwich ever, then fuck the shit out of the pierced nipples babe while the others masturbate and make out, then cum all over all of them! What would you have done different? Remember, with interactive porn, you choose how you want the fantasies to play out! Switch to interactive by clicking the button below: