The Talent Scout

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Show Description

Original author described this as, “Lights, cameras, fame and popularity… a talent show is always a quick way to the top, hence the countless wannabe talents wishing to get his or her own handful of popularity. But as it happens with everything, organizing a talent show can be a bothersome business with lot of intrigue, backstabbing and dirty secrets.”

As a talent scout, it’s your job to sift through the countless number of posers and wannabes to find the best talent to work with. You’re a pro, and can tell when people are shitty within an instant. Today’s a good though. You’ve found the perfect fit, athletic brunette babes to star in your next greatest interactive porn DVD. All of these sluts are dimes, perfect in almost every way by most European and even American standards! The first slut has no problem gaping her asshole and letting the male talent fuck her doggy style on stage. They then do a practice rehearsal, where the actor throws the babe on the nearby couch and fucks her tight little pussy from the side. The lighting and angle is perfect, and you haven’t seen a shot like this in a long time… The climax ends with some really hardcore anal fucking from a doggy style angle, followed by cowgirl where the tiny tits brunette sits on top of the male talent’s hard cock and rides it rough. Thinking back on the day, the DVD is coming along perfect, but you can’t help but want to still take things to an even more extreme level. Your next scene has to top the last, so you decide to do a MMF threesome gangbang scene. This one starts out with a cute brunette jerking off two cocks, followed by her getting double penetrated and drilled really hard by both guys at the same time. Next, Sophie gets her lubed up asshole painfully pounded by a really long dick while getting her clit rubbed and wet pussy teased. Fast forward back over to the other teen babe, and she’s continuing to suck off both guys. Licking, teasing, and gagging on their cocks, it’s time to switch over to fucking every hole. One guy starts fucking her tight snatch while the other continues to throat fuck her mouth. To end the day, it’s time to switch gears back to Sophie Lynx, whose continuing to show off her cock riding abilities by fucking cowgirl and doggy, doing more hardcore extreme anal. and even some degrading ball licking and cock sucking to end the shot. To see the full scandalous scenes, learn more dirty tricks of the talent industry, and see more hardcore sex, hit that start playing button located below the video.