The Slave Trader

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Show Description

What the author said about this show, “Underground slave trading is a serious business. One has to provide the best possible girls to be able to keep up with the expectations, and harvest a good profit. Slave-trader Frank is one of the best in the business and today he will tell us the secret of his success.”

Learn how to turn any cocky bitch into a submissive sex slave from one of the top sex slave traders in the world. This show is perfect if you enjoy free online interactive sex games with BDSM, fetish, hardcore, and slave sex fun. Pull out the ropes and leather whip for some tied up bondage domination. Make that dirty whore suck on the end of your leather whip while you pound her clenched wet pussy with your hard cock. Next, have the dirty slut ride an extreme fuck machine doggy style, and then sit on a huge black strap on vibrator device. Make her take it up the ass too, while masturbating her clit with a giant white hitachi wand. Next, it’s time for some actual real sex, fuck all this sex toy bullshit. You drag this whore back to her cell and tie her arms up with a leather belt so she’s hanging in the air. You then proceed to fuck her standing up for a few minutes, then drag her back into the jail cell where you proceed to fuck her from ever position imaginable. Finally, it’s time to bring out the torture devices…. the clamps and chains. Once clamped to her labia and nipples, you proceed to tug on her chains while pounding her pussy raw with your long cock. As a reward for doing such a great job today, you command her to hold out her hands so you can unload a massive warm load of cum for her to lick up. For more tips of the trade, and the full video on how to break rebellious, cock sluts, click the play button above.