The Job Destroyer

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Show Description

From the author, “A businessman with no ordinary work arrives to New York – his daily job is to fire people from companies all over the world, and take care of them in every possible way when their life start to go downhill. You might first think that this is not an easy task – but just like most things in the world, this too can bring some moments worth living for… Whether you live with that is completely up to you, and easing other people’s sadness can be very much rewarding, you’ll see…”

You just arrived in the big apple, New York City, on a business trip to make a shit load of money. You’re in the clean up business. You work as a consultant to downsize companies without the blink of an eye. After landing in NYC, you head over to meet your first victim. It’s a super cute Asian girl who gets really pissed when you fire her. She refuses to accept that you’re hear to fire you, and wants to do anything she can to change your mind. Being the horny pervert that you are, you make her strip for you. Her little Asian boobies are fucking amazingly soft. She then rips out your dick from your pants and starts deepthroating it. Asian chicks love to get wild and suck cock. Next, she takes her feet and jerks you off with them like a whore from a Thai massage parlor. It feels great, but you really want to feel that exotic pussy, so you throw her on the couch and start pounding that twat missionary style. Next, turn her around and fuck her in the ass as hard as you can. She screams in utter pain and bliss until you can’t take it anymore and just pull out and nut all over her cute tiny Asian feet. Maybe you won’t fire her after all! Next, meet up with another blonde whore who doesn’t hesitate to whip out your dick and suck it to keep her position at the company. She too strips and gets dicked down hard. Finally, you get a text from your boss who wants you to fly back ASAP to fuck her brains out. There’s more too, just watch the movie and see. What a life! Don’t forget to check out the other free interactive sex games below too…