The Camp

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Show Description

The author said, “On a remote location, far from the noisy city, hidden in the middle of a huge forest, there is a disciplinary camp for women. It is a well-secured institution, and nobody leaves its walls until she served her time. Surrounded by guard, led by a heartless Warden, and trapped between walls, these women has no chance but to take the treatment they get.”

In an undisclosed, remote Eastern European forest there is an “education camp” where young women are disiciplined and trained to be obedient sex slaves. If they talk back, they are punished with spankings and hard tit slapping. The boss of the camp, a cold hearted older MILF, runs the camp like a prison warden, and often forces her submissive slaves to pleasure her after hours. Play as the boss of the camp, and make your slave lick your pussy, your dirty feet, and then fuck her with a strap on like the dirty whore that she is! Next, see a really sex blonde whore introduce the new male guard to the camp, by sucking off his giant cock, then letting him fuck her in the ass until he blows a giant massive load of cum all over her round ass. Meanwhile, at another part of the camp, one of the guards has caught another one of the campers misbehaving after hours. He takes her down to the dungeon, where he shackles her to a chair with some chain cuffs. Decide whether to spank her bare nude ass or give her the foot punishment – a hard caning to her helpless feet. Why not do both? You control the action after all, remember! Bend her over and spank that slut, then force her to hop on your cock and ride you cowgirl. Finally, face fuck her and shoot your load down her throat. The next day, two beautiful teen prisoners plot to escape from the camp. The plan is to have one seduce the guard, while the other gets a ladder and climbs over the wall. The cute brunette camper with, quite honestly the best tits we’ve seen in a while, strips in front of the guard then starts fingering he dripping wet pink pussy for him. He naturally is mesmerized by her mouth-watering twat, giving the other girl time to escape. He hears the ladder hit the wall though, and immediately runs towards the other prisoner and drags her back through the dirt. He then unzips his pants and makes her deepthroat is cock as punishment. He thoroughly enjoyed roughly face fucking her little mouth, but then decides he really needs to teach her a lesson. After stripping her completely naked, he fucks her ass hard until busting a huge load all over face. After finishing, the boss comes up and catches him. She doesn’t tolerate such bullshit, and decides to teach HIM a lesson! And after all this, the day ends two other campers getting caught smoking cigarettes. The guards decide to have an all out outdoor gangbang, making the sluts suck their cocks outside, then fucking them, and disgracing them by covering them in cum with huge facials. Phew! This is a longer scene than typical adult interactive games, but well worth the play through if you’re into harder, kinkier sex.