Stealing Secretary

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Show Description

Life Selector described this film as, “This buck-hungry girl might even steal your money right in your office! But if so, she deserves some punishment! Are you going to leave this un-revenged, or are you up for some re-compensation?”

It’s a quiet day at the office, and everything is business as usual. You just hired this sexy new dark haired secretary named Andy, and you think she’s going to fit right in with everyone. After receiving an important call from a client, you step out for a second to chat, and upon return catch Andy going through your wallet for cash. Little does Andy know that you aren’t into playing games or taking bullshit from anyone, and she’s about to pay with an extreme interactive fucking. You scare the shit out of her by yelling and screaming, then drag her into the back corner of the office and force her to strip and change into some sexy lingerie. The dark haired stealing whore looks incredibly sexy in those lacy nylons, but that’s besides the point, it’s time to fuck her up for stealing. You pull out a thick leather belt, and hold her head down while spanking her with it hard. Next, you grab some of the highlighters on your desk and shove them into her pussy while fingering her asshole at the same time. The secretary cries in pain and pleasure as you ravage her snatch for lying and stealing. You whip out your hard cock, and shove your entire nutsack and cock down the bitch’s throat. Gagging and spitting all over your dick, you start to hardcore face fuck her until she turns red in the face. After that, you pull out an anal plug and ball gag, and anal fuck the secretary’s butthole while erotically suffocating her. The best part of the whole show has to be the extreme domination and fucking at the end though. Bend that slim office slut over doggy and start drilling her ass with your cock. Then, throat fuck her until she’s crying and her make up is running everywhere. To finish her off, you face fuck her throat until cumming all over her messy face. Honestly, you’d fire this dumb babe in a heartbeat, but she’s actually pretty good at being submissive and sucking dick, so maybe you’ll keep her around a little while instead!