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Here’s what the creator had to say about this show: “A pervert guy calls an escort agency that works with hot-ass pervert pussies ready to be dominated! There are no taboos here just some wet pussy and tight asshole to truly rock a man’s world!”

After lighting up a blunt and having a couple drinks, it’s time to try out that new escort service you’ve been hearing great reviews about. You’re looking for a girl who’s into kinkier, darker fetishes. As soon as the tight teen arrives, it’s time to get down to business. You waste no time undresses her, whipping out your already hard cock, and forcefully throat fucking her little mouth. She gags and gurgles as you continue to face fuck her. Next, toss that tiny slut over on the couch and start choking her while fucking that tight pink pussy with your cock. It feels fucking great, and you now know why everyone requests 18 year old teen girls to have sex with. After binding her down with ropes and putting a mouth expander device around her face, you continue to throat fuck her mouth with your dick. You love the way she gags and spits all over your cock, lubricating it even more so you face deepthroat her harder and faster. You then move back to fucking her pussy with the mouth expander still installed. After a quick break, you continue the bdsm fuck fest by pounding her twat from behind, then forcing her to ride your cock cowgirl with nipple lactation cups until you blow your massive load of cum all over her 18 year old face. If you’re into teens, rough fucking with bdsm, fetish toys, and bondage, this is the perfect interactiveporn to watch and play.