Sick day punishment

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Original author description: “Your girlfriend is just a pretender, so you must punish this cocky slut! Fuck her throat firmly, tie her up, be kinky, stuff her holes with vegetables! Fuck her pussy, bang her ass! She deserves it!”

Since your girlfriend likes to fake being sick all the time, it’s time to teach her a lesson so she’ll never do it again. You devise the perfect plan to catch her in the act, and immediately call her up and offer to bring over some soup, fruits, and vegetables so she can eat and rest up to get better. When you’re gone preparing her soup, you sneak back over and catch her dancing around listening to music. The plan worked flawlessly! It’s time to show her that fucking around and faking being sick is not acceptable. You strip off all her clothes, pull out your cock, and then force her to suck you off. This isn’t any regular fun blowjob though, you start smacking her around while making her deepthroat and gag on your huge dick. Next, it’s time to pull out these vegetables, tie up that blonde slut, and fuck her pussy with them. You’re going to make her pay for fucking around, so it’s time to double penetrate her snatch and asshole at the same time with a carrot insertion into her pussy and a huge cucumber up her ass anally. Finally, it’s time for the fatality. Choose between making her drink your cum from a glass or spoon, or just give her a good ole classic messy facial. If you’re into free interactive sex stories featuring rough, bdsm, extreme insertions, object insertion, etc, then you’ll love this show. Click the green button below to give the game a try for free.