Room Number 307

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Show Description

Life Selector described this show as the following, “Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of hotel rooms? Room service guys might know more than you think! Why don’t you be one for a day?”

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wondered, “How many people are fucking daily in all these private rooms?” In this interactive sex online show, discover the dirty secrets happening behind closed doors from the perspective of a room service bell boy. It’s an ordinary day at the hotel, and you get a call from what sounds like an insanely hot babe. She places an order for some expensive champagne, and wants it delivered as quickly as possible. You head up the elevator and down the hall to her room, champagne in hand. When you arrive at the hotel room door, nobody is there to answer, so you proceed to enter thinking maybe she stepped out for something. It’s dead silent in the room, so you head inside to check things out. The bathroom door is closed, but the light is on, so you open the door to investigate. It turns out, the girl is taking a shower. You catch a complete glimpse of her fully nude, and discover that she is an unbelievably sexy, slim exotic babe. Normally at this point you’d think she would be angry, but she seems completely comfortable showing off naked in front of you. After wrapping up in a towel, you head over to the couch so she can pay for the champagne. The perky little brunette spinner insists you have a drink with her as a tip, and you happily oblige. Things loosen up, and this flirty foreign slut starts to strip and ask if you want to finger and masturbate her pussy. How can you turn down an offer like that? She lays back on the couch, and that’s when you realize there are a bunch of sex toys for you to play with. You start fisting her lubed up pussy, then bring out a metal pussy spreader. There’s even an option to insert and fuck her snatch with the champagne bottle itself. Next, you drill that tight cunt with an XXL tan fake cock. At this point, her snatch is dripping with cum everywhere. You finish off the interactive masturbation fun with a classic hitachi wand, and the tight athletic slut has a huge orgasm on the bed in front of you. This is definitely a 10/10 POV masturbation video.