Radical Treatment

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Show Description

This show was described by the original creator as, “Women with all kind of inhibitions visit the doctor’s office, demanding a solution to their misery. Too shy, too bitchy, too ignorant? It’s time to capitalize the gift and treat these beauties.”

women with all kinds of problems visit the doctor to cure their miseries and insecurities. Well, there’s a new radical treatment in development by a more extreme doctor. He’s into more fetish, kinky, and extreme sex, and has discovered that applying it as a therapeudic treatment is surprisingly successful for a number of his patients. This adult interactive sex game follows the course of his treatments, and allows you to direct the hardcore kink that occurs in the show! The first appointment of the day is with one of your arrogant patients. It’s time break this brunette bitch as her egotistical, “better than everyone”, attitude with the hardcore treatment. You start by slapping her face to really degrade her. Next, it’s time for some titty torture. The doctore pulls out a spiked metal roller tool and firmly presses and rolls it across the slut’s nipples. After that, the next step is to use vacuum torture on the patient. You place the suction cups around her puffy nipples, and begin vacuuming the air out of them to really make them swollen. The arrogant whore screams in mixed pleasure and pain as you’re performing the operation on her. Next, it’s time to really fuck the problem out of her. You bend her over on the hospital table, and start drilling her asshole with your cock doggy style. After the rough anal fuck, this brunette whore is completely worn out. It looks like the treatment is a success though. Her personality is completely different upon exit. Later in the day, you have an appointment with a shy blonde patient. The only way to cure her is to show her how to be dominating too. You strip her nude on the hospital bed, then proceed to hardcore finger bang her wet pussy. After a few minutes of that, you bind her to the bed with some ropes, and proceed to drill her snatch doggystyle with a long black rubber dildo. Next, to give her the confidence she really needs, you force her to deepthroat the dildo and throat fuck her face until she’s gagging and spitting everywhere. Success! After the session, the blonde seems much more energetic and ready to conquer the day without anxiety. Since it’s finally the end of the day, it’s time to deal with that bitch nurse who you caught fucking around on her phone earlier. You find her in the back office, drag her out by her hair, tie her down to the bed, and proceed to missionary fuck her tight pussy on the hospital bed. You then tie a collar to her neck, and pound her snatch doggy style to really teach her a lesson.