POV Mistress

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The author described this video as the following: “Have you ever dreamed about femdom? Here’s your chance to live your dreams! Play this game and be the domina for a day – and command your defenceless victim, who does anything you might wish for!”

Have you ever fantasized about femdom? What about actually stepping into the dominatrix role? Well if you play this game, you’ll get to be the domina for the day, and call upon a defenseless, submissive lesbian sex slave who will do anything you command! This POV femdom porn video is the perfect virtual experience, capturing the best highlights the lesbian fetish femdom niche has to offer. Things start out innocent enough. You start teasing your slave by pulling down her red dress and massaging her breasts. After a few seconds, her nipples become rock hard from all the rubbing and teasing. You then caress her face with your hand, guiding your fingers slowly into her mouth so she can sensually suck on the tip. It’s time to let the domination begin! You decide to have your slave start out with some foot worship first. You pull up your cute little foot and place it in front of her mouth, commanding the curly haired brunette slut to lick your toes and shoe. After satisfying the first foot, you remove both of your heels and start smashing both feet into her face. The humiliation and embarrassment from getting stepped on is too much for the dirty whore, but you continue disgracing her by mashing your dirty feet all over her face. While all this is going on, it still seems like your victim is having too much fun. She can’t stop smiling every once and a while, which is incredibly disrespectful. To get her to stop immediately, you stand up and start slapping her across the face over and over. She quickly submits, and you then pull out a metal clamp spreading tool to spread about her hairy pussy lips. You continue the torture punishment by spanking her ass with a thin leather whip, then proceed to pound her snatch from behind with a long rubber dildo strap on. Tearing apart this tight teen’s snatch is fun and all, but you’d also like to choke her by shoving the giant cock down her throat. You pull out, throw her on her knees, and shove the strap on as far down her throat as possible. She squirms and gags as you face fuck her roughly, hitting the back of her head repeatedly to really jam the fake dick down her throat. The submissive rag doll loves every second of it, and you can’t wait until next time to do it all again!