Pizzaboy’s Revenge

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Show Description

What the creator said about this, “This bitch ordered a pizza. Now she’s complaining that the pizzaboy is late – but wait until his revenge! The bitch will surely think twice next time before she dials the pizza delivery.”

Being a pizza delivery driver has it’s ups and downs, but probably the all time worst part of the job is when customers complain about bullshit that doesn’t even matter. This interactive food sex fuck game highlights another one of those days. You receive a delivery assignment to an upper scale part of town, and head over as quickly as you can. Once at the place, this skinny brunette woman in a short skirt answers the door. She immediately starts complaining about how she had been waiting two hours for you to get here, and then once inside, starts complaining about how she doesn’t want the pizza anymore because it has peppers on it. At this point, you’re already pretty frustrated with this flat chested slut – if she didn’t want peppers, why the fuck did she order a supreme pizza? Something about this slut just makes you lose it, and when she hands the pizza back to you, instead of acting civil and giving a refund, you decide to throw the pizza right back into the bitch’s face. Covered in grease, the dumb whore demands to know what you think you are doing. You’re not done though; it’s time to really teach this entitled rich slut a lesson. After taking her into the living room and having her lay naked on the couch, it’s time for some extreme food sex. You start with forcing some pepperoni pizza down her throat, then tie up her legs and arms with rope and start fucking her pussy with a giant cucumber. Next, you reach for some pizza sauce, and squirt and rub it all over her back, so she’s completely covered in it! The fun doesn’t stop there though – in order to really disgrace this brunette slut, you take another hot pizza and smack it across her back, rubbing the burning cheese and pepperoni all over her. Now it’s time to fuck. You untie then re-bind the small tits babe to a chair and force her to deepthroat your cock, then bend her over the chair and fuck her doggy style while tied down. It feels amazing, and you feel the cum just getting ready to unload all over her. That’s when you have an awesome idea – you pull out that last slice of pizza in the box, pull out of her tight dripping snatch, and unleash your warm load of cum all over the pizza. You then force the dumb bitch to eat the entire slice! That’ll teach her to complain again!