Patient R

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Show Description

LifeSelector described this show as, “Things take a turn for the better when Patient R visits his psychologist. The diagnosis: depression. The young doctor does her best to find out the real causes of his woes.”

This is the story of Patient R, a male ballet dancer who loses not only his dance partner, but loving wife of many years, which leaves him with debilitating depression. Patient R is visiting is psychologist regularly, and seems to be showing improvements and progress with every visit now though. Most of the sessions are usually comprised on Patient R recalling on past happy memories, such as the many sexual encounters they had together. The sex games interactive treatment is super effective in helping Patient R move on with his life. Recall as the blonde strips and gives him a sensual lap dance. Her tiny bubble butt looks amazing in those lacy white thong panties. It’s time for some deep emotional therapy! After stripping Patient R completely nude, the babe grabs his erect cock and starts teasing and licking the tip of his penis. Lying back in utter bliss, Patient R can’t help but moan and smile as he gets the most amazing head from a beautiful young blonde. After the gentle foreplay, the willing lover allows Patient R to penetrate her moist soft pussy. He softly strokes the inside of her vagina as he rocks back and forth fucking her. The lovemaking session continues and the blonde babe gets her pussy eaten out, and then she jerks off his cock while standing until he cums all over. Saying that the treatment was a success is an understatement, and it only leaves Patient R craving more sexual memories of his deceased partner. Watch more dream sequences as they passionately fuck standing, cow girl, doggy style, in the hallway, bedroom, and kitchen. All of this talk about erotic fantasies gives the psychologist an idea all of a sudden. She knows exactly what will cure Patient R of his misery. She decides right then and there to strip and let him fuck her!