Nikky’s Secret Diary

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Show Description

LifeSelector described this video as, “Naughty teen girl confesses her guilty pleasures to her diary… Shes in trouble as her school teacher caught her bullying a helpless classmate. Punishment guaranteed – and it is you who decides how to penalize her!”

In this interactive sex girl porn video, follow around Nikky, a naughty school girl who gets caught bullying an innocent classmate. Play as the teacher in this show, and decide how you’d like to punish her in this extreme teacher student sex video. The show starts off in Nikky’s bedroom; She’s writing in her journal about getting in trouble at school. You see, Nikky loves to bully and experiment with the other female students in her class. She likes to boss them around, shove them, and experiment sexually. Nikky is a different teenager and knows it. She’s bi sexual, raging with hormones, and loves masturbating, fingering, and fucking the other girls in her class. One day, Nikky is pounding this pig tailed brunette’s tight pussy on the teacher’s desk in class, when you catch her red handed. Being around all these beautiful teen babes always leaves you incredibly horny, so it’s time to teach these whore’s a lesson, call their mothers, and hopefully eventually fuck this slut. You decide to call Nikky’s mother and tell her what’s been going on – she’s furious, and assures you that she’ll issue corporal punishment at home. Back at home, this strict redheaded MILF makes sure Nikky never misbehaves again. She spanks her ass hard, smacks her around rough, and ties her down to the bed so she can fuck her pussy with her favorite doll right on the bed! Next, this mom daughter porno gets even more extreme when the dominating MILF makes her daughter sit on and anal fuck a giant black dildo. Little does Nikky’s mom know though, is that Nikky secretly gets off to this type of hardcore sex punishment. All this daydreaming gets the cute perky teen really horny, and she starts fingering her snatch while having her teddy bear rub her nipples. She then pulls out a large clear rubber dildo and starts furiously masturbating her little pink twat. Next, she pulls out another humongous tan cock, and stretches her pussy with that instead, until switching back to the clear dildo and anal fucking herself solo. Finally, she daydreams that the teddy bear is her teacher, and attaches the strapon to where his cock normally would be. She then gives it a blowjob before turning around, sitting down on it, and riding it sensually reverse cowgirl style. This little blonde hottie looks fantastic when she’s riding up and down on that fake cock, and you too can control the action in this interactive video.