NFC presents: Leyla vs Angel

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Show Description

If the creator had to describe this video in a few words – “A rookie fighter, Leyla Black arrives to NudefightClub’s arena, to try herself against White Angel. Will she be strong enough to win the match? Follow her into the ring… let’s start the fight!”

From the same creator of tons of other fun interactive sex video games, LifeSelector brings yet another intense girl on girl nude fight club. This time, we’ve got a fresh new rookie named Leyla Black looking to take on the seasoned pro White Angel. Will this newcomer have what it takes to topple a pro fighter? Will she end up in the hospital? Or will they just end up having steamy, sweaty lesbian sex? You’ll just have to find out by watching the video! At the start of the fight, things start out pretty even. Leyla and White Angel go head to head, both exchanging even blows and wearing each other down towards the end of the round. It looks like White Angel’s experience is enough to hold off the newcomer though, and Leyla eventually surrenders the scuffle. Back in the locker room, the two athlete’s are changing back into regular clothes, when Leyla can’t help but notice how gorgeous White Angel’s fit athletic body is. Her perky nipples, tight supple breasts, and firm ass just look amazing glistening with sweat. White Angel catches Leyla checking her out, and she can’t help but feel the same attraction about Leyla’s olympian body as well. The two rush over towards one another, and start making out passionately right there in the locker room. Leyla licks and teases the blonde’s nipples, leaving her pussy dripping wet and ready to orgasm. Leyla then moves down and starts working on her clit, flicking her tongue all around, heavily stimulating it. She then takes two fingers and starts finger fucking her tight snatch until she cums profusely. Even though these two babes will probably never fight each other in the ring again, we’d watch these two lesbian fighters make passionate love to one another any day. Remember, the best part about these games is that you control the scenes!