Nextdoor Babe

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Author Description: “They say poker is a game for the bold… but what is strip-poker with the sexy girl from next door? Well, whatever it is, it’s surely damn hot. So it’s time to play your cards well and win the neighbor hottie’s clothes and body.”

You hear a knock at the door, and aren’t accustomed to company, so promptly ask who it is. It turns out to be the cute neighbor girl down the hall. She comes in and immediately starts flirting with you. You see, she’s been eyeing you forever now, and really wants to suck your cock and let you fuck her. You both decide on a game of strip poker, and it becomes quickly apparent that she blows. Her clothes come off immediately, and you can’t help but want to fuck her right then and there. It’s time to start this free interactive sex with a blowjob, but you start with some foreplay by fingering her tight wet pussy then move up to rubbing and pinching her perky teen nipples. At this point, your neighbor’s vagina is dripping wet, and she is hornier than ever. What do you do? You fuck the shit out of her that’s what! Stick your cock in and start pounding away. Next switch to doggy style, and this wild teen slut also lets you try anal in a few different positions. Who knew your neighbor was such a dirty whore. You could have been friends with benefits for months now. She rides you cowgirl on the couch with your dick up her ass and takes it like a champ. It blows your mind, and you also blow your load all over her cute pretty face. I guarantee this will be happening again in the future! What are you waiting for? Play the full game and fuck your neighbor any way you want by clicking the link below: