Naughty Schoolgirl

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Show Description

The creator had the following to say about this video, “Watch how schoolgirl Cipriana tries to cheat during a classroom exam – but her strict teacher catches the naughty girl. So punish the cheating schoolgirl! You decide – and she obeys!”

Cipriana tries to get away with cheating during one of her most important tests. Little does she know, she’s terrible at it, and it’s completely blatant to the teacher that she’s trying to pull some sort of bullshit. The teacher immediately calls her out on it, and it’s your job to decide the punishment you’d like to give her. You think it’s time to put the wooden whip to usage, and make her pull up her schoolgirl skirt so you can spank her bare ass until it turns bright red. You cane her a good couple times, then make her take off her top and start whipping her itty bitty titties and pussy too. She squirms in pain, but continues to take the beating knowing that she deserves to be punished for trying to cheating on her exam. The interactive spanking is great and everything, but it’s time to up the ante and break out the clear ruler stick instead. You whip her hands, then her face and neck. It’s not enough though. So it’s time to bust out the chains and weights. you attach the weights to her boobs, and make her walk around with the clamps dragging her tits down. You then hook some weights to her pussy lips, and make her drag around around a huge bag filled with weights too. To make this teen schoolgirl extra horny for her pussy pounding, you break out the pussy pump and vacuum her snatch until it becomes all puffy and fuckable. You then proceed to fuck her on the desk itself, and it doesn’t take long to make this innocent teen bitch orgasm hard.