Natural Born Rockstars

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Show Description

The creator of these free interactive sex videos said the following, “After years of waiting Black Soul has finally released its first live show movie. It also has an extras disc interviews with the band members on it. They talk about all the exciting details of their lifestyle but the editor had to cut out lots of stories… Stories that couldn’t have made it to the final release… for obvious reasons. Wherever these guys are – even on an absolutely average day – they always end up banging hot chicks… just like a natural born rockstar. Now you can watch this X-RATED material never before released to the public.”

The band Black Soul has finally released a DVD with clips and stories from live shows, interviews, and outtakes from the band members. There’s a ton of shit that can’t be told no film though, since it’s just too extreme and raunchy! In this video, you’ll get to explore some of those dirtier, XXX adventures with the band! See this insanely cute brunette groupie get her perky tits felt up before deepthroating one of the band members cock. Next, see another blonde hottie fuck another member right in public at the laundromat. She rides on top of his cock like a champion, and orgasms on the floor of the place! Before most of the shows, the make up artists or wardrobe assistants would always be down to fuck. Recall as the round ass blonde slut jerks you off then rides your cock back stage to relieve your nerves before the show! There’s another time when the guitarist totally picks up this bad ass rocker babe and fucks her in his garage on top of his motorcycle. Finally, see the lead singer take home these really slutty blonde and dark haired groupies, who let him hardcore drill the shit out of their juicy pussies. The craziest story of all, was when one of these dumb sluts decides she wants to get gangbanged, and in the end gets a messy bukkake facial from both dudes.