My New Neighbor

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Show Description

The original creator described this video as, “Like every good new neighbors should, Cameron Dee takes a plateful of muffins and walks over next door to introduce herself and maybe chat a bit. After all, a good relationship with the neighbors is very important. What she never thought that this relationship gets a bit more intimate than a friendly chat.”

There’s a knock at the door – you aren’t accustomed to neighbors and immediately wonder who it is. It’s your new neighbor Cameron, and she wanted to welcome herself by bringing over some freshly baked muffins. Let me tell you, Cameron is a total blonde babe! She looks absolutely gorgeous in that business skirt, white blouse, and cherry red lipstick. You wouldn’t mind her sucking your cock right there in the hall! After inviting her in and trying the muffins, you ask her if you can give her a foot massage. Little does she know, you have the biggest foot fetish, and are actually getting off inside to the thought of cumming all over those cute painted toes. Well, the foot massage totally turns on Cameron, and before you know it, she unzips your pants with her feet, whips out your cock, and starts giving you the best footjob ever! She then bends over and starts licking your balls while jerking you off, and then sucking your cock too. After all this foreplay, you move on to fucking her right there on the couch, and fulfill your free interactive porn fantasy of cumming all over those little feet. What a way to welcome in the new neighbor; I’m sure this will be the start of an awesome friends with benefits relationship. She’s right down the hall, and fuckable at a moments notice!