My meddler wife

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Show Description

Here’s how the author originally described this video, “My wife is such a meddler when it comes to females I meet… She might be a jealous nosey parker – I wish somebody would teach her to mind her own business!”

A lot of men know what it’s like to have a nosy, jealous wife who doesn’t trust anything you do when she’s not around. After this stunning euro wife suspects her husband is cheating on her at the car wash, she decides to ride along and see what she can investigate for herself. Little does she know though, that the husband really doesn’t give a fuck if she finds out about the affair. He wants to teach his slut wife a lesson to mind her own business – by fucking the two of them together in the back of the car! The two of you ride down to the car wash together, and upon arrival, your wife immediately confronts the blonde babe employee about fooling around with her husband. The blonde doesn’t react like someone normally would in this situation though. Instead of apologizing, she instead slaps the wife in the face and starts choking her. The blonde isn’t going to take any of this whore’s shit, and decides to be the one to teach her the lesson. She bends the husband’s wife over the hood of the car, and proceeds spray water up her snatch from one of the hoses. This turns on the wife immensely, and instead of fighting it, they start to lather each other up and massage each others bodies. The blonde then pulls out her favorite strap on, and the two babes start fucking right there in the cash wash. The blonde is spanking her ass and fucking her doggy style, when the husband comes back from the other room and catches them in the act! It’s time for him to get in on this too. He has his beautiful blonde mistress give him head in front of his wife, then bends her over the trunk of the car to fuck her doggy style. He doesn’t last long, her tight pussy feels just too incredible, and promptly pulls out and cums all over her ass, still in front of his wife. The two then get out of the car and close the trunk, trapping the bitch wife inside so they can go have sex again without her involved at all. And she thought they were about to have a threesome! That’ll teach her to fuck around with your affairs again!