My House, My Rules

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Show Description

The author said, “It is not a wise idea to flirt with someone else’s husband, especially if his wife is in the house. This is a simple rule that the pretty blonde housemaid failed to keep in mind. When the wife catches them ‘in flagranti’, she becomes furious. The little slut has to learn a lesson she won’t forget anytime soon.”

If you’re married, having some naughty fun with the maid is a sure fire way to a divorce… but it’s definitely a two way street. When this angry middle aged MILF catches the maid flirting and teasing her husband, she HAS to step in and punish this bitch. She forces the blonde teen to lick her pussy through her panties, while continuing to smack her around. Next, she whips her then makes the slut lick her feet. After some titty licking and nibbling, the dominating wife pulls out a huge tan strap on, and forces the teen to deepthroat the fake cock in front of her. Next, it’s time to fuck – the wife must destroy this whore’s pussy with the strapon, so she starts drilling away in the teen’s tight twat. The plan backfires though, and the dominatrix can’t help but become super horny from all the bi lesbian fucking. She commands the blonde to finger and toy her pussy so she can cum, then the interactive pov sex switches back to her fucking that dumb twat maid’s pussy with a huge black dildo. When it’s your house, it’s your rules, and this fierce older MILF isn’t going to let the help interfere with her marriage! She wants in on the sex too!