My First Gyno Checkup

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Show Description

LifeSelector, the author of this video, described the show as, “She’s just eighteen and recently lost her virginity, so it was high time to get a gyno checkup – that’s what Nelly thought, but once inside the gynecological examination room, things went wild…”

This cute little 18 year old teen has just lost her virginity, so it’s definitely time to head to the gynecologist for a check up. Upon arrival at the doctor’s office though, this innocent exam escalates into an all out extreme lesbian porn encounter. The day starts out like any other week day. The pigtailed teen arrives at the doctor’s office, and is greeted with an initial consultation by the doctor. In this show, you’ll play from the perspective of the doctor, choosing how you’d like to perform the check up :). Since the fresh 18yr old cutie just lost her virginity, you’re going to have to do a full examination, so you slap on a pair of rubber gloves. First, to get the most accurate reading possible, check her temperature with the anal thermometer. Next, test the overall health and elasticity of both her pussy and asshole by fingering both at the same time. Next, spread apart her wet pussy lips and then fist her twat from behind doggy style. After a few minutes of extreme vagina fisting, the gyno then pulls out a metal spreader to gape apart the girl’s snatch. Once wide and gaping, the doctor can give a thorough inspection of the soft lush inner walls of her pussy while again fingering her asshole. To end the examination, it’s time to collect a urine sample from the patient. You have the busty teen squat down, and piss into a plastic container. The hardcore action fades with a close up of the girl rubbing her clit while giving the golden shower. For more watersports shows, and other hardcore, extreme fetish type videos, check out the selection of related movies below!