Muscle fever

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Show Description

A personal trainer who happens to be the boss in his own gym, has a certain degree of responsibility. So when the other trainer – a breathtakingly beautiful and skilled, but nonetheless strong-minded woman gets some negative feedback from some of your customers, it’s his job to deal with the situation….

As the boss of the gym, it’s your job to make sure the trainers act professional and cater to gym-goers needs. You’ve been hearing rumors that one of the personal trainers, Aletta, has been receiving negative complaints from customers, it’s time to put her in line. You confront her on one of the elipticals, and decide it’s time to start spanking her for all the trouble she’s been causing lately. Aletta is a nympho though, and loves every second of it, and before you know it, she whips out your cock and starts titty fucking it. Her luscious tits feel great with your cock sliding in between them, but she’s not going to get out of it that easily. You bend her over doggystyle and start pounding her pussy with your hard cock, and then bust out an anal dildo and stick it up her ass at the same time. You don’t last long because her pussy is so wet and tight, and before you know it she’s jerking you off and swallowing every last bit of your cum. I guess that’ll do as a punishment for now, but if she receives any more complaints, you’ll be forced to fuck her even harder! Next, you head over to the bike machines and start flirting with that cute blonde that always comes in on Fridays. She’s totally into you too, but there’s just one problem, her boyfrien always comes in and works out at the same time. He immediately see’s you hitting on her, and heads over to confront you. This little twerp isn’t going to stop you though, and before you know it, that blonde slut is in the back room deepthroating your cock, fucking your brains out, then jerking you off to a hot facial. Finally, you close out the day by meeting up with one of your favorite customers. A super cute, toned brunette hottie who comes in for personal training. After her girlfriend backs out of the lesson too, it’s time for some private 1 on 1 training. You strip her naked and start playing with that sexy ass. Then, another trainer catches you two and gets in on the interactive sex porn action too. You both gangbang her on a backroom massage table and cum all over her face!