Mistress Kathia’s Chamber

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Show Description

The creator described this video as, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here – especially when it’s Mistress Kathia Nobili who takes care of the discipline lessons. This time the dominatrix is playing with two helpless creatures.”

Enter the dark dungeon that is mistress Kathia’s chamber. Inside, she holds captive two submissive lesbian sex slaves who can be trained to fulfill your any command. Step into the role of the dominant Ms. Kathia Nobili and decide what you’d like this filthy dogs to do for you today! It’s time to make sure this stupid bitch does everything you say and obeys every command. Mistress Kathia pulls out a red ball gag, and firmly ties it around the brunette slave’s mouth. After some more humiliation and domination, it’s time to disgrace this dark haired whore even more by having her lick the bottom of your stiletto heels. What a good pet… She graciously licks every inch of the heel. Next, it’s time for some lesbian facesitting. The sexy blonde dominatrix sits on top of her slave’s face, while forcing the brunette to lick and massage her pussy with her tongue. After the humiliating facesitting, it’s time for some anal play with a huge strap on. Kathia Nobili attaches the long sinister rubber dildo, lubes up her slave’s pussy and asshole, and begins to slowly slide the dildo in and out of the whore’s rectum. The lesbian sex slave moans in mixed pleasure and pain as she gets her asshole drilled by the huge toy. Next, it’s time for the blondfold. Once in place, more pussy licking, followed by hardcore fucking with a another giant tan fake cock. We’ve got to say though, the brunette slave’s ass looks fantastic in those red fishnets, and her pussy looks just ripe for fucking. Everything up to this point is great, but this wouldn’t be an extreme kinky fetish video without a hardcore bdsm climax. After binding the slave to a hanging rope swing, mistress Kathia pulls out a long whip and starts spanking the clothed whore’s ass hard… It’s up to you now to decide where to take this dark fantasy. Click the start playing button above to begin this extreme kinky lesbian fetish fantasy.