Mismatched luggage

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Show Description

The creator described this as, “Imagine that you accidentally swap your bag with a sexy stranger, and this little accident leads to something exciting. Why? Because when you open the girl’s luggage you’ll find some interesting stuff inside. And when you ask the girl about the content of the bag… well, things turn to be really interesting at this point. Want to know what happens? Play this game!”

After heading home from a grueling flight and business trip, you discover that you accidentally swapped bags with a woman. The suitcase is filled with bras and silky panties of all different colors, and you can’t help but notice that the woman must be a 32DD at least! While you’re going through the bag, you get a call from the woman who owns the bag. She accidentally grabbed yours and called the number on the tags. You decide to be a gentleman and drive over to her place to swap suitcases. Besides, now that you’ve seen her bras and panties, you definitely want to check out her body in person. She invites you inside for some coffee, and then you coyly ask her about something you found in the bag. She immediately gets super embarrassed, but you really want to show her what found. Finally, after much reluctance, she pulls out a huge wand vibrator. You’d love to masturbate her clit with it, and you immediately throw on the charm. She starts to strip, and unbuttons her top to reveal those massive, luscious boobies you’ve been wanting to motorboat. After some groping and squeezing, you turn on the vibrator and she starts massaging her clit while you finger her moist wet pussy. It’s immediately apparent that Allison’s gone to heaven; Her eyes roll back into her head and she can’t stop moaning with pleasure. to return the favor, she gives you probably the best blowjob you’ve ever had. She really knows how to go down on a cock, and then even lets you fuck her! You ride her doggy, let her ride on top of you, then she jerks you off all over her mouth and huge tits. What an insane day – it goes from being really shitty losing your bag at the airport, to having one of the funnest sex experiences of your life fucking the brains out of that big tits broad Allison. We give this one a 10/10, simply because after seeing countless interactive porn tube videos, the model in this scene is really fucking sexy.