Mira Shine vs Sophie Lynx

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Show Description

Here’s what the creator had to say about this show: “Watch NFC’s latest contenders in a fight to decide their roles in submission. See them as they wrestle and grapple in their catfight to end up naked and to lick, finger and fuck their juicy pussies.”

Fresh off the presses is another hot edition of NFC nude fight club, this time featuring two fierce competitors named Mira Shine and Sophie Lynx. These two contender’s take this shit way too seriously, and are both out for blood! We’ve been running interactive sex sites for a long time, so we mean it when we say this is one of the most entertaining catfight porn videos on the net. After some wrestling and grappling, it doesn’t take long before these two athletic porn babes are completely naked. When you’re doing everything it takes to win a fight, you’re not really paying attention to your clothes! The fight gruels on pretty evenly, both chicks kicking and scratching, without a really clear victor in sight. You decide to pause the show for a second (this is interactive porn after all, remember?), and give Sophie an energy drink for a boost of strength to win the fight. It works almost instantly, and the slutty fighter takes control and starts dominating Mira. Completely exhausted, out of breath, and ready to submit, Mira surrenders the fight and is declared the loser. Sophie doesn’t want things to end there though – she’s going for the fatality. She grabs a huge glass strap on dildo from the side of the ring, puts it on, and starts drilling the loser’s pussy doggy style. Sophie pulls her hair hard like a leash while continuing to ride Mira’s ass as hard as possible. The two lesbians then switch positions to missionary, where Sophie continues penetrating Mira’s soft twat with the strap on, while pinching and squeezing her nipples. The extreme lesbian action continues when it’s Mira’s turn to get on top. She rides on top of Sophie’s face while Sophie munches on her dripping wet snatch. The scene closes with the two fighters tonguing and french kissing while fingering each other to orgasm. Be sure to check out all the other nude fight club videos for more kinky hardcore lesbian POV sex videos!