Love Boat

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Show Description

This fun sex show is described by the author as, “Summer is the season of short miniskirts, sun kissed skin and horny girls! Pick up a sexy chick and try to ask her out… Get ready for ice-cream, speedboats and a mind blowing anal fuck!”

It’s summer and love is in the air, and what better way to spend a beautiful day then by the boardwalk trying to pick up chicks. In this show, you’ll play as a lonely guy with a boat, looking to score some hot tail to bring out to sea and fuck. To be honest, it’s a whole lot easier than you expect, and it doesn’t take longg before you’re flirting with a cute brunette coed with pig tails. You offer to take the sexy little euro teen out for some ice cream, and she happily obliges. While getting to know her a bit, you mention having a boat and wanting to go out for a sail today. Her eyes light up because she’s never been on a boat before, and she agrees to go out with you on an adventure for the day. You can tell she’s totally into you. Her body language is screaming fuck me, and boy does she have it coming. After the ice cream, the two of you head out on the water. Once safely anchored and relaxing in the middle of the lake, you decide to give her a nice oily massage. She strips down completely nude and lays out on her back on the deck of the boat. You oil her up and start massaging her back deeply. Everyone knows one of the quickest ways to get laid is to offer a girl a massage, and the trick works in seconds. Before you can say aye aye captain, she rolls over and starts sucking on your cock right there on the boat. She loves giving head, and all the licking, sucking, and tongue caressing makes you want to bust a load right then and there. After a few minutes of her giving you a handjob while juggling your balls in her mouth, you proceed to start eating her out, switching between teasing her clit with your lips to darting in and out of her snatch with your tongue. It’s time to pull out some more lotion to really lube her up. Once ready to go, you penetrate her tight cunt with your cock and start pounding away. At this point she’s moaning in complete bliss, so you decide to pull out and try anal. She’s completely down, and continues to rub her clit while you fuck her asshole hardcore. Spank her ass and watch her juicy natural titties bounce around as you ride her until pulling out and cumming all over her face.