Just Remember!

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Show Description

The description from LifeSelector – “Fragile memories, hazy flashbacks, distant, obscure pictures… pieces of a scattered life. That’s all you have left after the car accident, and it is almost painful to remember, to recall the things as they really were. Your pretty psychiatrist offers a helping hand to lead you through the long road, pulling back your erotic memories one by one, putting the shards together until the picture is full again.”

After a traumatic crash leaves you with life debilitating amnesia, you visit your psychiatrist to try and help you gain any insight you can into your past life. Your mind is extremely foggy, but memories fade in and out of past sexual memories. Your psychiatrist wants to hear all about the interactive porn story, so you start telling her about all the encounters in your head. First, you remember this stunning blonde ex you used to fuck daily. This bitch was wild and horny 24/7. She’d always want to fuck right before you had to go to work or on business trips, and you couldn’t resist. Interactive masturbation was always fun. She’d let you fuck her ass while toying her pussy, and would always swallow your cum down her throat without leaving a mess behind. Next, you recall of another lover, brunette this time, who was always down to party as well. You always seemed to attract the wild horny women (which isn’t a bad thing, if only you could remember their phone numbers though!). Her speciality was licking and sucking on balls. She could swallow them in her mouth like hard boiled eggs. She too, loved anal, and would ride you cow girl while you pounding her clenched asshole. The icing on the cake, she got off to you demeaning her with a facial, and would let you cum all over her pretty face. The next slut was a club girl. You met her at a bar and fucked her the first night you met her. She even started sucking your cock right in the club. She was by far the naughtiest girlfriend you’ve had, and loved to fuck hardcore into all hours of the night. Finally, as the psych session comes to a close, you notice that your psychiatrist has been acting really strangely the whole time. She’s really flirty, and looks like she’s craving cock. That’s when the flashbacks start to hit you like a wave all at once. Her sucking you off, deepthroating your cock, fucking your brains out and dripping cum all over your dick. You had fucked her too! That’s when you decide to drop everything and give her the D too!