Immigrant issues

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Show Description

The following description was provided by the creator: “Lovely Latina Samia Duarte and Russian badass Kayla Green got into the country without a green card and thus, both girls landed on the radar of the Office of Emigration. Luckily both of them is willing to do anything to be able to get out of jail. Now it’s up to you if you take advantage of their desperate situation!”

After these two illegal aliens get caught by the office of emigration, it’s your turn to decide if you’d like some personal benefits from the situation. You see, as one of the commanding officers at the holding facility, you have the power to let immigrant’s go if they’re willing to perform certain favors for the guards. You’re not a pussy – it’s time to get some interactive pussy. You head over to th first cell where the Latina named Samia is sitting. “Come here, Bitch,” you command. She heads over to the door, and starts slowly dancing erotically in front of you. She then starts sucking on the end of your billy club, and you immediately get hard. It’s time to make this bitch suck your cock. You open the cell door, whip out your cock, and force her to deepthroat your huge cock. After the blowjob, you throw her over on the jail cell cot and fuck that exotic ass doggy style. This spicy Spanish babe can be heard moaning through out the entire cell block when she’s getting fucked! Next, you decide to pull out and do anal instead. You slowly pound her extremely tight asshole and then make her sit on your dick for more hardcore anal riding. For the finisher, you pull out and make her jerk you off onto her tongue and mouth. It’s time to deal with the tattooed blonde Russian now. She wastes no time pulling out your cock too and giving you another blowjob. She also tit fucks your cock with her juicy melons. Next, your command her to lay on the bed, where you proceed to doggy style fuck her tight rooskie twat. After a few minutes, you switch it up and she rides you reverse cowgirl while you relax in bed. This bitch also finishes you off and swallows your warm load. It’s time to report back to the boss now. For doing such a great job, she too offers you another blowjob, and you and the other guard gangbang her on the desk. Eastern European prisons are crazy!