Halloween Nightmare

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Show Description

The creator said the following about this show, “There is a myth about Jack; a horrible criminal who violated twelve women before the police shot him down. If you repeat his name on Halloween’s day three times, he will come to get you too!”

There’s an insane myth floating around parts of Europe about a Halloween psycho named Jack the Raper. The back story involved a crazy rapist named Jack, who went on a serial rape spree on Halloween, raping 12 women before the police finally caught up with him and killed him. It’s rumored that ever since that day if you say his name three times on Halloween day, he’ll appear and haunt you too. After telling your girlfriend about the story, she doesn’t believe it for a second. It’s not the sort of thing to joke around about, and you warn her to never try it or it will scar you for life… This stupid bitch decides to try it, and is from then on marked as the next victim of ole Raper Jack. Later that night, the brunette babe wakes up in terror. She’s no longer in bed, but hog tied with ropes, and is having tiny clamps pinned all throughout her back. She screams in agony, as she’s never felt pain like this before. The latex-clad figure then drags her face over to his hard cock, where he proceeds to face fuck her on the table while she’s tied up. As he’s deepthroating her, he’s also spanking her ass as hard as he can, as punishment for awakening him from his eternal slumber. Next, he attaches nipple clamps with heavy weights attached to the ends, to really pull and tear at her massive tits while you fuck her doggy style. Now it’s time for Jack to get his pussy. He pulls out an anal hook, which he uses to hook her pussy while he fucks it raw. He then forces her up onto a table, where she rides his cock while he roughly chokes her. This is one of the roughest interactive online sex games to date, but perfect for those looking for a darker, more extreme BDSM fetish porn video.