Funky Town Boogie

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Show Description

“Joanne and Stanley, the two undercover police officers are to track down the bad boys in town before their nasty shit hits the streets. From funky disco dance-offs to special sexy interrogations & disguised watch sessions, the enthusiastic pair is ready to follow the clues… that leads to a surprising end!”

Funky Town Boogie takes you back to the disco era. You play as two undercover police officers named Joanne and Stanley. Interrogate your first suspect; A curly haired babe with natural titties. The interrogation turns into an all out fuck fest. Next, head over to your next lead. A brunette country girl who just wants to keep her brother out of trouble. She offers to give you a blowjob if you leave her brother alone, which of course you can’t leave at just that. Your decide to penetrate her asshole. She turns out to love anal so much that she lets you fuck her dripping wet pussy afterward. While Stanley handles the dirty work, Joanne decides to relax and hit the salon for a haircut instead. Things get steamy though when she sees the sexy hairdresser. She can’t help herself, gets on her knees, and rips out his dick from his pants. He then proceeds to roughly face fuck her and ram his cock down her throat. This turns into really hardcore anal in the backroom. Joanne’s asshole gets stretched and gaped as she screams in pleasure. Next, shoot back over to detective Stanley, who’s decided to gangbang two different whores with another undercover officer. The climax to this adventure is the blonde slut jerking off both guys cocks until receiving a massive facial. Being the dirty little whore that she is, she licks it all up and swallows. Even though this is a pretty wacky interactive sex video, it’s definitely entertaining and will make you cum. The porn stars that appear in the show all have amazing bodies, and love to fuck for the camera.