Fuck That Promotion!

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The original author described this as, “A job interview gone wrong, or how to be smart enough to get a promotion and seduce your boss-to-be in one day? It’s up to you – now you control the action!”

You’re here for that important job interview at Westline corp and are immediately greeted by a flirty dark haired secretary who totally eye fucks the shit out of you upon arrival. You can’t help but imagine her undressing in the back room so you fuck fuck her doggy style during your break. After the secretary calls HR, you are greeted by the interviewer – a blonde hottie with a super cute accent. She takes you to the back room, and the interview begins, but things immediately get weird and she says she wants to masturbate for you. She then starts stripping and rubbing her pussy and breasts right there in on top of the table in the conference room, which really gets your dick rock hard. Needless to say, the interview was a breeze, and you are guaranteed the job immediately. After that strange encounter, you meet up with your direct supervisor named Heather. She situates you at the office at your own desk, and as you’re snooping through the company PC you stumble across some nude photos of the boss you just met! Her tits are fucking amazing, and her dick sucking lips look like they feel ridiculously good wrapped around your cock. As you’re scoping out the nudes, you catch that cute blonde secretary checking you out again as she walks by. You decide to follow her into a dark back corner of the office, where she pulls you into a side employee bathroom, pulls up her skirt, and masturbates her pussy and clit for you. She then unzips your pants, pulls out your cock, and starts giving you head right there on the clock! The blowjob feels great, and you reciprocate by fingering her snatch on the counter until she orgasms. After the quickie in the office bathroom, you head back to report in to Heather about your first day. Upon arriving at her office though, you see that she’s being held hostage by 3 masked men. Wanting to score some brownie points with Heather, you decide to step in and take action, and start to fight off the intruders. A quick scuffle ensures, but that MMA training pays off and you kick their ass!. Heather rewards you by letting her feel up this luscious titties, and then you convince her to let you fuck her for saving her life. Her pussy feels great as you penetrate her from behind, then let her ride your dick cowgirl style. The ultimate prize comes when its time to get her a facial, which she graciously swallows within minutes. For more life selector interactive porn videos, select one of the shows below: