Framed and Exposed

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Show Description

From the creation, “Mike Chapman… contemporary artist, genius and bon vivant. His life is full of sexual scandals, his art steams with unconcealed erotica, his popularity rises high. However, suddenly something happens that derails his career, something that stops his triumph and pushes him down to the dirt… but what could it be? What could be able to turn a glorified artist into a nameless wreck? Today we will reveal everything about the rise and fall of the infamous Mike Chapman!”

Get a history lesson on Mike Chapman, a fine art photographer with a deep passion for fulfilling his hardcore sexual urges while shooting models. Recall as he fingers this stunning brunette babe on set and then unzips his jeans only to fuck her into submission with his huge black cock. See him gangbang another slut by the pool with one of his assistants. The assistant then takes over and sticks his dick in this chicks asshole and pounds her doggystyle. There’s another memory from an erotic porn shoot, where this skinny small breasted blonde teen gets her pussy eaten out sensually. Then this one time at a warehouse shoot, this really cute dark haired whore with perky tits and a round ass gets fucked like a rag doll in every way imagninable. Finally, Mike Chapman convinces one of his models to let the CEO of the company fuck her in the ass. This bitch says its a great idea, and even gives Mike an awesome blowjob as a consolation too. What a fucking guy; Our hero! Control the action and start playing today in one of the hottest interactive sex story to date!