Exorcism of Angel Rivas

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Show Description

The following description was provided by the author, “This tied-down brunette seems to be possessed, so a priest arrives to make the demons go away. It won’t be an easy battle, as the sexy thing wants to tempt you and the priest to fuck her in the ass!”

This bound brunette appears to be possessed by an evil spirit, and as a modest priest, it’s your duty as a servant of God to exorcise the demon from within her. The first step is to start the ancient ritual by chanting – you’ll need to call forth the demon so you can communicate with it directly. Next, you bind down the violent brunette so she won’t do any harm. Once bound, you proceed to beat the demon out of her by hitting her with the holy bible. It isn’t enough though, this demon is extremely tough. Time to take more hardcore measures then. You strip off her white gown, and proceed with smack hit tits. With the demon unleashed, you decide to attempt to kill it off once in for all with candle wax torture. You drip hot wax all over the brunette’s thighs and pussy. She screams in pain as the brutal exorcism continues. The priest then shoves a lit candle into her snatch, and it slowly melts wax all around her vagina. Each drop leaves her screaming in even more agony as the molten wax makes contact with her soft skin. It becomes apparent that the extreme mix of orgasm and pain is successfully culling the demon. The priest decides to finish things once and for all, and proceeds to fuck the possessed whore’s asshole while she furiously masturbates her clit with a vibrator wand. The final step of the ritual is to piss all over her tits and body, which fully exorcises the demon from within her. After the watersports is complete and all is said and done, the urine soaked babe has a look of shock and pure disbelief on her face. She had absolutely no recollection of what had just happened, but alas it’s finally over!