European Adventures

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Show Description

A tourist in a country in Eastern Europe goes way beyond the usual tourist activities! As a foreigner, every girl he meets considers him an axotic adventure, and that means uncontrollable hunger for his big cock! It’s up to him whether he uses them for making this trip way more interesting and memorable…Sucking, fucking, threesomes and endless pleasure awaits if he does so!

As a tourist in Europe, one of your sole goals is to get as much foreign pussy as you can land. Every chick you meet just seems to get hotter and hotter, and their accents just make them even sexier. After helping this chick fix her broken down car, she offers you a ride and to show you around town. After asking what you’re looking to do, you lay on the schmooze telling her you’re looking for a beautiful girl just like her. After feeling up her titties a bit, she decides to give you a ride into town. Next in town, you meet this dark haired euro babe who wants you to take her picture. After snapping a quick shot of her, she offers to take you out to a local cafe. The two of you click immediately, and are flirting the entire way over to the restaurant. Instead of going inside, you head back to her place, where she strips down and offers your first European blowjob. It feels great, and shes definitely a pro at sucking cock. Next, she lets you tit fuck her perky little boobies. It feels great, but you can’t stop now. Before you know it, she’s completely naked and hops on top of your dick. The fuck fest begins and she rides your dick like a champion. After a good ten minutes of solid hardcore fucking, you pull out and she gets on her knees. You then proceed to blast her face with a massive cumshot! Euro babes are the shit, and hopefully there are plenty more interactive sex porn encounters to come along your trip!