Downhill Delights

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Show Description

This interactive porn star video has been described as the following, “As an ardent bike fanatic, would you ditch your bike and leave the bike park if your girlfriend wants the two of you to visit her aunt? Well, this isn’t the biggest question in this game, the rest comes afterwards… Be careful to balance between touchy family issues, try out new sex devices with your girlfriend… and enjoy your day!”

After eating shit on your mountain bike on the way to visit your Aunt, you end up at the hospital under the care of a bright eyed, cute brunette doctor. Once you become conscious, she explains how you were knocked out riding down that hill. As part of the check up, it’s her job to inspect your body for any additional bruises or fractures. While she’s going over your crotch area, you can’t hold back at all and get hard right in front of her. Little do you know, she actually always gets turned on when guys’ cocks get hard in front of her. Instead of getting mad, she decides to take things to the next level and grabs a hold of it. Jerking you off right there in the hospital bed, she then moves onto to giving you a POV blowjob right there in the hospital. It feels great, and is an amazing way to take your mind off the pain of the bike wreck. The blowjob leaves you feeling reinvigorated, so you get up from the bed, bend her over, and start pounding her tight pussy doggy style. To finish your stay at the hospital, she jerks you off and you cum all over her face and perky tits. You realize that you’re still running really late to meet up with your Aunt. You head over to her place, where she and your girlfriend are worriedly waiting for your arrival. After explaining what happens, you can’t neglect your lonely like this to go spend time with your Aunt instead. You take her to the bedroom, bend her over and pull her hait and belt while drilling the shit out of her dripping wet snatch. Even though you got hurt, it’s still been just another day in paradise.