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What the creator said about this video: “What could give an always horny guy better startup than daydreaming? Well, beside porn movies. Daydreams about hot, cock-hungry and incredibly attractive women. At home, at work, anywhere, anytime. Fortunately if the strict but nymphomaniac boss is the one & only MILF, Phoenix Marie, it will be easy to daydream all day…!”

Let’s be real, work is fucking boring… That’s why you oftentimes day dream about fucking different chicks. It doesn’t matter where you are – at home, work, at dinner with your in laws, you can’t help but dream of an exotic slut sucking on your cock until it erupts with cum. This interactive game starts with you daydreaming about an exotic hottie in a short, tight yellow dress. Her legs look fucking amazing, like she could win best in show at a horse show, and you just really wish you could fast forward to her drooling all over your cock. Before things heat up, you wake up to a text message. You can’t be late for work, so you get up from bed and head in to the office. During the morning meeting, you can’t help but notice that blonde from the next cubicle over is giving you those fuck me eyes. You confront her about it, and she agrees to a quickie in the corner of the office where it’s vacant. She sucks your dick then you bend her over the office chair and fuck her doggy style until cumming all over her back. Later in the day, your boss confronts you about why no work has been done. She demands to have the reports written immediately, but all you can think about is sex, blowjobs, and fucking so naturally you just write about it in the report LOL. Well, your boss comes back to read the report, and instead of getting mad, starts rubbing your cock with her bare feet. This really turns you on and before you know it she’s unzipping you and sucking your dick from an amazing interactive pov. Following that, she strips off all her clothes, revealing the juiciest pair of MILF tits you’ve ever seen. She then mounts you like a saddle and rides you cowgirl until cumming in pure bliss. Who knew your boss was such a horny old blonde cougar. Today turned out to be great!