Crazy Chixxx Show

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Show Description

The author said, “When you thought that television cannot get more explicit! Here comes the Crazy Chixxx Show that puts entertainment to a whole new level. How far a girl would go to get the ultimate price? What is the price of their inhibition? Their pride? Their intimacy? This show will reveal everything!”

Crazy Chixxx Show is a fake reality show in Eastern Europe where two weird dudes go around asking regular chicks if they’re down to strip, play with them selves, give interactive blowjobs, or fuck on camera for money. They always manage to land some desperate whore who’s willing to do just about anything for some quick cash. With this interactive show, you control what you’d like to do to these horny street sluts. Make the perky tits teen strip off her shorts, suck your cock, then spread her pussy to get pounded from behind. Then, tie up her legs and feet and fuck her from behind until she cums all over your dick. Next, pickup another tiny tits teen who’s looking for some extra money fast. She’s down for kinkier things, like wearing a ball gag and having her legs tied to the bed while getting roughly fucked hard. You can tell she really gets off to it. Next, she let’s you whip her while furiously masturbating with a huge black dildo. By the time she’s done, it’s completely covered in her dripping pussy juice. Next, pickup this gothic looking babe wearing lipstick. She’s also into fetish and kinky shit. You tie her up and bust out the paddle, spanking her ass hard while fucking her asshole with a pink dildo. She loves anal while getting punished, and almost orgasms from that alone. Next, you rub her clit and finger her wet pussy hardcore until it starts to gush and squirt all over the place. This goth slut is fucking incredible. Finally, you want to bust a nut too so you start jerking off until unleashing a massive facial of cum all over her pretty teen face. Finally, pick up a super cute brunette slut wearing glasses. She quickly strips and lets you play with her tight pussy, and then you take off your pants and face fuck her, sticking your cock all the way down her throat. She gags a couple times but loves every second of it. Next, you bust out the metal tools, and put an metal oral spreader around her mouth so you can really face fuck her throat hard. Next, you take out a metal anal hook, and insert it into her asshole so you can pull on it while you facefuck her. Finally, you tie up this dirty sluts hair into a ponytail, then tie a rope around it so you can pull her hair hard while fucking her ass doggy style. This slut really loves it rough, and you let her know what a dirty whore she is by cumming all over her face. Some chicks WILL do anything for money. It’s also too bad this show never really aired on public TV – it would probably get a shit ton of views…