Chef’s Offer

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Show Description

“What’s on the menu today? Our chef’s offer includes a voyeuristic appetizer with sexy waitresses who are just changing from their uniforms,an incredible main course with your sex-crazed boss and a sensual lovemaking with your girlfriend as the dessert. Sounds good? Make your order now and start playing!”

It’s an ordinary day in the kitchen; you’re just grilling a cheeseburger when you notice the waitresses aren’t picking up the food. You go to their locker room to check on them, and see that they’re changing. Being the dirty pervert you are, you decide to spy on them because you’ve always wanted to see that brunette teen’s juicy tits. Well, they catch you and call you out, only to pull you over and start sucking your cock right there! It’s your first girl girl threesome and you’re just trying not to bust a nut. One waitress works on your balls while the other slides her tongue up and down your dick. Next, stick your throbbing cock in one of the brunette whore’s twats, while the other fingers her clit. After that, meet up with the boss about your paycheck. The boss informs you that she won’t be able to pay you, and offers to suck you off instead! She gives great head, and gets so turned on that she lets you fuck her in her office too. She rides you like a pony until you can’t hold it and cum inside her pussy. Who knew the boss at the restaurant was such a horny cougar! Finally, head home to your amazing athletic fit blonde girlfriend. She strips for you cause she knows you’ve had a long hard day, and then also rides your cock. Next, she gives you a footjob, then you switch back to doggy style until cumming all over her feet. Wow – your co-workers and boss are fucking awesome. The interactive sex games are a HUGE plus of this job. I can’t wait to go to work again tomorrow hah.