Cheating Valentine

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Show Description

The author described this virtual interactive sex video as, “Having a lovely girlfriend on Valentine’s day should make for an exciting time on this holiday. You don’t hesitate to surprise her with flowers or something fuzzy, maybe a heart-shaped pillow… Curiosity drives you to pay her a visit as she prepares your V-Day present…as it turns out, there’s another surprise waiting for you, something unexpected that will drive you to change your plans and spend some time with your favorite, super sexy call girl, Mya Diamond. This will be an unusual Valentine’s day not to be forgotten soon.”

You usually aren’t the type to head out on Valentine’s Day, but that’s only because you’ve never actually had a date. This time it’s different though. You have a date with this smoking hot slim brunette hottie who’s totally into you. For this year’s upcoming Valentine’s Day, she wants to surprise you with some photos from her recent naughty photo shoot. Little does she know though, that you already know about the shoot and are going to surprise her while she’s working. You arrive on set, and before you can get up close to greet her, spy her cheating with the photographer! What a dirty rotten slut – you’re going to show her for disrespecting you like this. You get back to your place, and hire this unbelievably hot skinny Asian mix escort to come suck your cock and fuck you right there in your GF’s house. The escort comes over, and rides your cock in any way you command. The POV while you’re having sex with her is amazing, and as you’re sitting on the couch fucking, your girlfriend comes in and catches you. She’s devastated, and it’s the greatest, “Fuck you, slut!” moment ever to happen in your life. After sitting down to further disgrace that cheating GF whore, she tells you about how the photographer was one of the best lays she’s ever had, and she had no problem swallowing his massive load after sucking off his dick at the photo shoot. After some continued fighting, you two surprisingly get back together. Maybe there’s a sex tape in the near future?