Chapters of Lust

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Show Description

The creator described this show as, “Welcome to a real writer’s room! This is the place of creativity, imagination, and – in this very case – lustful thinking. This is the birthplace of an erotic novel, constantly forming and unfolding in front of our very eyes, when finally written words spring into life, turning into something mesmerzing, arousing and joyful.”

Writing smut for a living has it’s challenges. It can be difficult to think of the perfect lines to draw in a reader’s attention, especially with erotica. After getting a call from your client, it’s time to start writing a new erotic adult novel. You decide to go with the idea of a newly married couple and their new sexual adventures together. The brunette way is gorgeous. Her huge natural tits are just begging to be covered in cum. You decide to start the scene with the husband licking her soft wet pussy. The horny newlywed can’t help but moan in pleasure. The husband then bends over his new wife and starts pounding her luscious twat from behind. It feels amazing, and fucking for too long in this position will only make you explode cum, so you decide to switch it up. After gently caressing your ballsack, your wife graciously goes down on your cock with her mouth, licking and swirling her tongue around the head and shaft. Next, things escalate right back to on an all out fuck fest, ravishing her tight dripping pussy from every positon. Fast forward to the next mini interactive pov porn scene, you continue the action in an upscale hotel suite. Your beautiful bride is graciously deepthroating her hubbys cock. The action then switches over to the bed where the big titted babe gets a decent mustache ride. You can tell she loves every second of his clit licking skills by the way she gyrates on his face. She reciprocates the favor by jerking off his hard cock with her feet until he shoots a massive load of all them. Finally, finish up the story with a steamy sauna sex scene. Fuck by the hot tub, in the sauna itself, and in the gym on the weights bench. Choose how you want the story to go down in this erotica adventure.