Calming My Wife

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Show Description

This show was best described the author as, “Wife is constantly nagging her much younger man to stay at home with her, while he wants to party with friends. But how to calm the angry wife after a night out? He’ll try everything!”

Having a sex crazed cougar for a wife is a fantasy for a majority of men out there, but what do you do when you just want to go out and have some fun with your friends instead of spend time with her? If you’ve ever been with a cougar, you know they will chew your dick off if you don’t give them what you want. In this interactive sex free video, you can try a whole bunch of different things to calm her down after she gets pissed that you’re out partying all night. The evening starts out as any other. Your wife is preparing some spaghetti for the two of you to enjoy for dinner, but she doesn’t know that you aren’t going to show up cause you’re out with your friends. When you show up with a bottle of wine to try and make up for it, she demands to know why you were late. Instead of telling her the truth, you decide to lie about meeting up with your friends at the bar. The fiesty mature babe is still upset, and even throws a wooden spoon across the room, but the excuse works and she doesn’t stay angry with you for long. Before you know it, she’s even making out with you while rubbing your cock through your pants. This cock hungry MILF is ready to eat (she did skip dinner after all) and is quick to strip completely nude while also unzipping your jeans in the process. Giant cock in hand, the sassy MILF cougar starts going down on your dick, sucking and slobbering all over the tip and shaft. She continues to squeeze her juicy lips around your dick until you can’t take it anymore and jizz all over her face! Now it’s time to reciprocate the favor. Because you’re in the kitchen, that also means we can take advantage of some of the many objects lying around too! You pick her up and toss her on the kitchen counter, then proceed to eat out her soft pussy, licking and caressing her clit with your tongue too. You then grab some whipped cream, and spray it on her snatch so you can gobble that up as well. After that, you take a nearby cucumber and start fucking her with that while grabbing her perky tits. After the quick foreplay, your wife begs for you to fuck her right there, so you whip out your cock and drill her dripping wet snatch right there on the counter. She loves it rough, and starts orgasming really intensely, but you take things up a notch and bend her over doggy style. After pounding her ass for a solid 10 minutes, you feel your dick about to cum, so you pull out and nut all over her face. Even though she’s a total psycho bitch, this sexy short haired MILF can juggle your nuts and swallow your load any time of the day!