Broken Promises

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Show Description

This interactive erotic story was described as, “Two days without sex while his hot wife is away can be challenging for a horny man, especially if right after her departure a long line of tempting opportunities present themselves, luring him to break his promise of being faithful. The lusty assistant, the sexy maid and even the busty neighbor show up on the same day, craving some entertainment. Have you got what it takes to please everyone?”

Remaining faithful while your wife is away for the weekend is going to prove to be of the most challenging things you’ve ever had to do. Before she leaves your work, your horny big tits wife first wants to have a little fun first. She puts on some naughty lingerie and comes over and starts stripping for you. You’re immediately turned on by those massive tits, and tear off her panties so you can gape and spank her ass while fingering her already wet pussy. The horny MILF then starts sucking your cock. You love the way her tongue feels caressing around the head of your dick, and her experienced deepthroat skills are legendary. Next, she jerks off your cock with her feet before you letting her pound that mature pussy doggy style. After a few minutes of deep penetration, she turns over and starts riding your dick hard. You then turn her over and fuck her doggy some more before pulling out and nutting all over her back. Now that your wife is gone, staying celibate is going to be next to impossible. Especially since your cute teen secretary is coming over to go over those reports with you. Before you know it, you’re fucking her sweet tan teen pussy right there on the couch. Being that dirty whore that she is, she always lets you cum all over her face and swallows too. Next, you meet up with one of your wife’s hot MILF friends. You can’t help but compliment her on how pretty her new short hair cut looks, and she’s so flattered she lets you play with her gorgeous MILF titties. While you’re fooling around with her friend, your wife comes home and catches you red handed. After screaming and rambling for a bit, she decides to get in on the action too, and you guys have an erotic mature MFF threesome. Control the action as you let one mature slut jerk you off while your wife licks your balls, or have one sit on top of your cock while playing with the others titties. The possibilities are endless!