Bizarre dorm

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Show Description

The original author had the following to say about this show, “It is always exciting to move into a new rental and get to know the other tenants, but things get even more exciting if your roommates are kinky, sex-hungry sluts craving for your attention.”

Moving into a new place always has it’s challenges, but ultimately these challenges typically always come with a bigger pay off. In this kinky POV interactive sex video, you’re about to move into a new dorm situation with a few other roommates. Upon arriving, you discover that the roommates are actually all really gorgeous women. You’re greeted by a super sexy older brunette, who welcomes you to the house with open arms. You’re free to do as you please, so you decide to explore the layout of the flat. You sneak in the bathroom, and discover a beautiful big tits blonde babe taking a shower. It’s one of your other roommates. Normally in this situation you’d think she would be pissed and angry, but this chick is a horny exhibitionist, and loves to show off for strangers. She introduces herself by self fisting her pussy right there in the shower. The other roommate hears all of the moaning coming from the bathroom and heads over to get in on the action. The two horny blonde sluts start french kissing and making out with each other, all while fingering eat others pussies. After drying off from the shower, the hot lesbian action continues over in the bedroom. The older, more mature slut gets on top and starts hard finger fucking the other busty babe’s snatch. She then bends the whore over backwards, pulls out a giant tan dildo, and proceeds to finger the girl’s asshole while toying her pussy with the fake cock. As if the day hasn’t started off crazy enough already, things get even more insane when you meet the final two roommates – a young teen blonde girl and another way older granny. You decide to get to know the innocent looking teen in private, and head to the back bedroom. She proceeds to take turns sucking her lollipop, while giving you a POV blowjob at the same time! She has no problem deepthroating your cock, and her 18 year old lips and tongue feel surreal wrapped around your cock. She continues to deepthroat and give you head, then sucks on your balls for a few minutes, before swallowing a massive load of warm cum.