Angry Maid

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Show Description

The original author described this show as, “When the uppity mistress of the house accuses her maid with thievery, the humble cleaner turns into a lioness. She focuses all her frustration at her irritating boss lady and teaches her a lesson.”

When the long time maid is accused of stealing the mistress’ ring, she’s finally had enough of all the name calling and insults. It’s time to show this blonde whore of a mistress to never fuck around with the help! In this interactive sex pov, you get to control the show from the perspective of the maid, so let’s start the fun! You’ve had enough of this blonde bimbo, so you decide to react aggressively. You grab her face and drag is really close to yours while shouting, “Listen bitch… I never steal anything from anyone.” You smack her face then drag her to the bedroom – it’s time for some extreme fetish sex. After stripping off all her clothes and duct taping her arms and legs together, you proceed to place some clothes pins all over her breasts. Once the clamps are in place, you start flicking them wildly, inflicting shock after shock of pain shooting throughout the mistress’ body. You proceed to put clamps all around her pussy lips too, then flick those too. The blonde mistress screams in horror and pleasure as you brutalize her tight pink snatch. Next, you pull out your favorite orange dildo, bend the nylon wearing whore over the couch, and fuck her with it doggy style until she’s just about to cum. Denying her the satisfaction of cumming, the maid then pulls out a long handled fan, and spanks the shit out of the blonde’s ass until it’s bright red. You then double penetrate your boss using a duster and the fake cock. Finally, it’s time to pull out the strap on, and make this bitch suck your fake cock like she’s the servant around the house. The blonde’s makeup runs all over her face as she’s forced to deepthroat the huge clear strap on dildo. Things get more hardcore when the maid then uses the strap on to missionary fuck the MILF. The blonde spreads her pink pussy wide so she can get fucked hard, and we think after today she’ll never talk down to the maid ever again!